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Knowledge about the beliefs of those seeking government offices is important for the informed voter. We strive to ask the timeless, informative, balanced, and unambiguous questions that fully inform the reader.
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We are very aware of discrepancies in voting. The phase “hanging chad” became the topic of conversation in 2000, more recently there was a comic turn of events (pun intended) in the US Senate race in Minnesota, and a reaction of violence and death in a questionable election in Iran.

Joseph Stalin said “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”.”

is the tools and methodology to allow every voter the ability to count and validate the vote.

ShofarVote started as a voter information site for the 2008 election. Funding did not arrive in time and the project remains on hold.
2008 U.S. Presidental Election
Chuck Baldwin

Baldwin, Chuck

Bob Barr

Barr, Bob

John McCain

McCain, John

Cynthia McKinney

McKinney, Cynthia

Ralph Nader

Nader, Ralph

Barack Obama

Obama, Barack

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